HAPPI Data Timeline

Model nameHistorical decade (ems)1.5 decade (ems)2 decade (ems)Tier 2 experimentTier 3 experimentValidation (for bias correction)Data LocationStatusNotes
CAM4501501501N/AN/A1979-2015 (20 ems)PortalDone and on portal
CAM5.1-1d100RunningRunningN/AN/APortalPlus15-Future, Plus20-Future, All-Hist extensions planned but held back by softwave-hardware issues
CAM5.1.2-0.25d555N/AN/A1979-2015 (20 ems)PortalPlus15-Future done; All-Hist, Plus20-Future simulations done, processing in progress; Nat-Hist simulations in progress; 1979-2015 All-Hist planned, CAM5.1-0.25degree 1979-2005 All-Hist can serve as interim substitute
CanAM4100100100N/AN/APortalstaging planned for Feb
HadAM3P10001000500testing3001979-2015 (20 ems)Host31st Jan for staging of historcal and 1.5 simulations. 28 Feb for staging of 2C experiments. .Partially done on demand basis.
HadGEM315TestingTestingN/AN/A1960-2015 (15 ems)Host
MetUM-GOML2N/AN/AN/A150 yearsN/AHostAll runs finished (coupled and atmosphere-only)150 years each for present-day, 1.5C and 2.0C
MIROC5100100100N/AN/A1950-2015 (10 ems)PortalAll runs finished (coupled and atmosphere-only)
MPI-ECHAM6.3101010N/AN/AN/ATier 1 output on portal except for Plus20-Future which will be uploaded during coming days; Tier 2 output planned for April/May; 1950-2015 calibration output will be made available by mid/end-March