[ 30th March 2017]
HAPPI EGU Session details can be found here 
HAPPI breakout meeting details are as follows:
session SMI25
Thu, 27 Apr, 17:30–20:00 / Room 0.51

[ 30th March 2017]

HAPPI EGU session has received high media interest. Please find detials on the link here  

[ 22nd March 2017]

CAM4 HAPPI Simulations completed (ETH): 

 The post-processing and the transfer to NERC of CAM4 simulations are now complete. You can find all the files here. 

[ 17th Feb 2017]  

HAPPI session for EGU 2017 is now confirmed on the following dates:
Main Session: 24th of April, 2017 (Monday) Afternoon.
Side Meeting: 27th of April, 2017 (Thursday) Afternoon.

[ 15th Feb 2017] 

HAPPI experimental data is now accessible from the public data portal bellow:

[ 14th Feb 2017]

 The maintenance work is now completed and the storage is back online. 

[ 13th Feb 2017]

 There is a major maintenance work in place in NERSC storage and the disk portion of the C20C+ D&A/HAPPI data portal continues to be offline and most likely will be available again in the middle of this week. Sorry for the inconvenience and we will update you again soon the storage is back online. 

[ 8th Feb 2017]

HAPPI experimental design paper is now published. "Half a degree additional warming, prognosis and projected impacts (HAPPI): background and experimental design": avilable on:

[ 11th Jan 2017] 

Abstracts for EGU are open until the 11th of Jan. We have a session on impacts of 1.5 degrees. 

[28th Sept 2016] The HAPPI data is now available in raw format for the HadAM3P, MIROC, CAM5.1-0.25 models.

[28th Sept 2016]

Papers using the HAPPI data are being proposed and collected, and lead/contributing authors proposed. 

[18th July 2016] 

The first HAPPI meeting has been arranged for the 20th of September, 2016 at Oxford University. The meeting will commence from 12.30, in the Beckett Room of the School for Geography and the Environment. Please contact us if you are interested in coming. Note this coincides with the Oxford 1.5 degree conference on the following days.

[5th July 2016] 

The first GCM is running the HAPPI 1.5 degree experiments (MIROC)

[29th Jun 2016] All GCM boundary conditions are available for modelling centres for the 1.5 degree experiments. 

[18th May 2016] Proposed HAPPI timeline is developed:

  1. 1st of June: All boundary condition data for the model simulations have been created.
  2. 1st of August: First model simulations are available in raw format (probably only MIROC at this stage).
  3. 1st of September: For the available models, bias corrected versions of data are available for some model variables (yet to be determined).
  4. 1st of October: Most modelling groups have finished simulations and are available for analysis.
  5. 1st of November: For the remaining models, bias corrected versions of data are available for some model variables (yet to be determined).

[17th May 2016] 

A steering committee has been elected, see the collaborations page for this list.

[11th May 2016]

The Oxford 1.5 degree conference has been announced and is set for 20th - 22nd September.

[1st May 2016]

 The IPCC have officially confirmed that a Special Report on 1.5 degrees will go ahead.